Monday, July 23, 2018

Dentist Practice Opens on South Capitol

Last week, Capitol Dental Associates opened an office on the 1200 block of South Capitol Street, next to Grand China carryout. According to their website, Capitol Dental Associates offers the following services:

  • General and cosmetic dentistry 
  • Root canal services 
  • Pediatric dentistry 
  • Crown, Bridge, Denture and Implant services

This is the second dental practice to open or relocate to Southwest in the past year.  Last year, a dental practice moved within Southwest to Waterfront Station.  The fate of South Capitol Smile Center on the 1300 block of South Capitol is in limbo depending on how the planned residential development next to Camden South Capitol moves forward. The townhouse where the dental practice on M Street at Carrollsburg Condominium was for sale earlier this year.

The hours of operation for Capitol Dental Associates are as follows:

  • Monday - Thursday from 9am to 7pm 
  • Friday - Saturday from 9am - 3pm


Unknown said...

There is fencing surrounding the building on the northwest side of Potomac Ave and South Capitol Street. I don't know if there is imminent construction for a new building or if that is related to the Frederick Douglass bridge construction.

Unknown said...

The tower crane is being installed today for the homeless shelter on Delaware Ave.

SWill said...

Ben: The fencing on Potomac and South Capitol is related to the Douglass Bridge project. Those buildings will be demolished to make way for the traffic oval.