Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Audi Field Almost Ready for its Debut

In less than two weeks, Audi Field will be open for its inaugural match where D.C. United will play the Vancouver Whitecaps. On the stadium front, more progress has been made since my last visit in June. For one, the south side of the stadium is more accessible now. Work continues on Audi Way, an extension of 1st Street that curves along the east side of the stadium, which should be completed by the end of this week. Most of the remaining work involves setting up the concessions areas. Work is being done now seven days a week in order to get the stadium finished in time.
Here are some photos of the south part of the stadium.

Retail space on SE corner of stadium
South side of Audi Way still U/C

Street furniture on T Street
View of south facade of stadium

Here are some views on the east side:

Eastern facade from Half Street
Retaining wall covers Pepco facility 

Main gate from Potomac Ave
North side of Audi Way

D.C. United announced today that limited tickets are still available for the inaugural match at Audi Field. A ribbon-cutting ceremony and housewarming party will be held on Monday, July 9 from 4:30 to 7pm. The event will feature speeches from representatives from D.C. United, the District government, and Audi. The ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place at the northwest gate at the corner of 2nd and R streets. Following the ceremony, there will be a housewarming party with D.C. United players, music, games, and food, including a sneak peek of the food offerings that Jose Andres will be offering at Audi Field. While admission is free and open to the public, food and beverage will be available for purchase. There will likely be other events leading up to the grand open that will be announced in the coming days. 

Here's some north and west views of the stadium:

Side view of main gate
A peek behind the gate from R Street

 New plaza on NE side of stadium
Team store on R Street

Northwest stadium entrance
View of western facade along 2nd St.

Field House DC, which will become a pre-game spot for D.C. United matches like The Bullpen is for Nationals games, is now operational on a daily basis during the World Cup. Following the World Cup, the venue will be open on D.C. United match days and will host special events. The entrance to Field House DC is located at the corner of 1st and T streets, just south of Audi Field.  

Main entrance
Seating area

Drink tokens & snacks purchased here
Bar and corn hole

Umbrellas provide limited shade
Seating area & large screen TV

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