Saturday, June 9, 2018

New Buzzard Point Venue to Debut for World Cup

After getting a test run in April as the venue for the National Cherry Blossom Festival’s Wine and Beer festival, a portion of the Akridge-owned parking lot located south of Audi Field at 1901 1st Street will become Field House DC (h/t JD Land), a 42,000 SF venue where D.C. United fans will be able to gather prior to matches similar to the Bullpen near Nationals Park (also on a lot owned by Akridge). Field House DC will start things off on June 14, a month before the inaugural match at Audi Field, with showing all World Cup matches on a 22’ LED video wall. According to the venue’s website, “its massive bar will feature beer specialties hailing from the countries playing each day, plus there will be food trucks & soccer-themed games.” JD reports that there will also be a wine bar, a faux Astroturf seating area, picnic tables, and shaded areas, among other things. 

One difference between the Bullpen and Field House DC is there is a parking lot next to Field House DC, so it will be easier for fans to drive to this venue.  However, for those who will arrive on foot via Metro, they will have to pass Audi Field before reaching Field House DC, unlike the Bullpen which is directly across the street from the Navy Yard-Ballpark Metro entrance on Half Street. Field House DC is located on a portion of Akridge's seven-acre 100 V development site, which can eventually accommodate up to 2.4 million SF of mixed-use buildings. As a result, Field House DC will be a temporary venue as the Bullpen (and previously the Fairgrounds) is until redevelopment occurs, although given how long it took for new development to take place on Half Street near the ballpark, Field House DC has the potential to stick around for several seasons...that is, unless Amazon selects the Anacostia Riverfront as its HQ2 campus...

Above photo was from the Cherry Blossom event in April, not how Field House DC will be set up.

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