Thursday, October 12, 2017

Southwest Waterfront, A Look Back...

Good morning Southwest! It’s been more than a decade in the making, but the first phase of District Wharf finally opens today. After countless meetings, rendering revisions, and years of construction, we’ll finally be able to take a long stroll once again along the waterfront promenade (now called Wharf Street) from 7th Street to near the fish market. The media has covered The Wharf very well in the days and weeks leading to the opening, so what I thought I’d do is look back and see what used to be here along the sleepy Southwest Waterfront. Below are some before pictures:

Fish market crowds.
Fish market crowds.

View of Washington Channel from
9th and Water streets.
View of area roughly where District Pier is today.

Zanzibar on the Waterfront.
Phillips Flagship. 

View of Hogates/H2O from promenade.
Demolition of Hogates/H20.

View of Kastles Stadium from
the Washington Channel.

Kastles Stadium was built temporarily
where Hogates/H2O once stood.

Southwest sunset from Cantina Marina.

Cantina Marina, which will close
later this month.

Groundbreaking ceremony
for District Wharf.

Predecessor to the new water
taxi system serving SW.


Mike said...

I spent most of today enjoying the many many amenities of The Wharf. It is marvelous. What a wonderful addition to our community. Not to mention many new community-based jobs.

And to think that we still have Phase 2 to look forward to. Life in the Southwest Quadrant is very good indeed.

Panda said...

Is SW going to get another grocery store? The SafeWay has lost its luster and is rapidly going downhill. I don't think they can manage the influx of growing SW.