Friday, October 6, 2017

Construction Underway on Banneker Grand Stair

Improved pedestrian and bicycle access from the National Mall to District Wharf from 10th Street will be achieved once construction is complete at Banneker Park next spring. Construction began last month on the $4 million project, which will add a grand stairway, two ADA-compliant pathways, a bike lane around Banneker Circle, and updated landscaping and lighting. No changes are planned for the fountain in the park dedicated to Benjamin Banneker. The park is owned by the National Park Service, but once the improvements are complete, Hoffman Madison Waterfront will share responsibility for maintaining the park with NPS.


AMK said...

Re. the fountain in the park, does "no changes" mean no changes to the design or that they're not even going to fix it? I can't remember the last time that fountain was working, but it seems like it was within the last few years. It'd be nice to see it function again in the future.

SWill said...

I remember it functioning sometime last year, but I don't know about its current status or whether it will be fixed as part of the renovation. I'd imagine it would be, but that is just speculation based on the amount of investment happening to connect people from the National Mall to the Wharf.

AMK said...

Thanks, I hope you're right!