Tuesday, August 22, 2017

PUD for Buzzard Point Affordable Housing Apartments

A PUD for a mixed-use residential project was filed earlier this summer on a parcel at 1st and Q streets, one block north of Audi Field in Buzzard Point. Currently, the site contains a one-story retail building and a parking lot. A total of 76 rental units are planned, with a mix of 1BR, 2BR, and 4BR units. The residential entrance will be located along Q Street. About 3,800 square feet on the ground floor will be set aside for retail with entrances along 1st Street. A Capital Bikeshare station will also be placed on 1st Street. What makes this different than the other residential buildings that have been built in Southwest over the past several years is that the entire building will be set aside as affordable housing. 

Of the 76 units planned at the development, 16 will be reserved for residents earning up to 30% of AMI and the remaining 60 units will be set aside for residents earning up to 50% of AMI. There will be limited space for amenities – about 940 square feet of residential amenity space will be available, as well as a landscaped courtyard on the ground floor. However, residents in the building will have access to on-site wrap-around services provided by the United Planning Organizations, such as case management. Off-site services to be provided include mental health, addiction treatment, childcare, job readiness programs, job training, and adult education.

Renderings courtesy of PGN Architects


Sultan of SW said...

Does anyone know if this building is meant to replace some of the Syphax or James Creek units? Will Syphax and/or James Creek be redeveloped? It seems like Buzzard Point already has its fair share of low-income units.

Unknown said...

what is the point of working hard if the govt will just give them to you for free?

SWill said...

There are no plans I'm aware of for redeveloping Syphax or James Creek. Although not in Buzzard Point, Greenleaf is further along in the process, but that seems to be stalled at the moment.