Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Capitol Hill Firm Moving to The Wharf

Add another lobbying firm to the list of office tenants at The Wharf. If was announced that Cornerstone Government Affairs will relocate its headquarters from Capitol Hill to 800 Maine Avenue in 2018. The public policy firm will take 15,000 SF of space on the 7th floor of the 11-story office building. Cornerstone Government Affairs will join the American Psychiatric Association, MakeOffices, and Van Scoyoc Associates at 800 Maine. 

In retail and restaurant news, the following liquor licenses were supported by the ANC at last week’s meeting: 
  • Hank’s Oyster Bar (facing 7th Street Park on the ground floor of Canopy by Hilton)
  • Shake Shack (on Wharf Street near to the entrance of The Anthem)
  • Intercontinental Hotel (restaurant, lobby bar, and rooftop bar) 
  • Kaliwa by Cathal Armstrong (ground floor of Vio Condominiums on Pearl Street)
  • Cantina Marina Bambina (on Transit Pier near The Anthem)
  • The Brighton (on Wharf Street next to entrance of The Anthem)
  • La Vie (near District Square on the ground floor of The Channel Apartments)
  • Marinai Pizzeria (an Italian restaurant from the same owners of Station 4 on the ground floor of Incanto apartments on Pearl Street ) 

The only one not supported was for The Anthem. In light of the reduction in hours on Metro, the ANC has concerns about the egress of concertgoers late in the evening. A group of commissioners will negotiate with the operator to come up with a solution that will give the ANC more confidence to give their support for the liquor license. 

Rendering courtesy of Hoffman Madison Waterfront


runwaysmack said...

Cantina Marina Bambina?!?!

Is this going to be a second location or a replacement for the existing? Any preliminary renderings etc?

SWill said...

@runwaysmack My understanding is Bambina will have a snack bar on a rooftop bar that will accommodate 150 people and a separate summer garden on the transit pier for up to 600 people. Cantina Marina will be demolished during phase II and a new one built along Wharf Street.

runwaysmack said...

Thanks for the great info as always Will! No doubt you'll have a lot to write about in the next 6 months

AMK said...

Why are Metro's reduced hours a concern re. the Anthem's liquor license? With the prevalence of Uber and Lyft and a plethora of other options these days, in addition to traditional taxis, this doesn't seem like a valid concern. Other music venues and bars and their traveling customers around the region seem to manage just fine.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! No interruption in Cantina Marina's good times ahead.

AMK said...

Any updates re. The Anthem's liquor license? I haven't been able to find anything online about it. It would be pretty unfortunate (and ridiculous) if they have to open Oct. 12th without a liquor license.

SWill said...

AMK: The ANC and The Anthem came to an agreement in July so the venue will have its liquor license in time for opening night.