Saturday, August 27, 2016

Photo Tour Part One: The Wharf

Last weekend, I took a lot of pictures around the neighborhood to capture most of the major construction projects. First up is The Wharf. The buildings in phase one are getting closer and closer to their maximum height. Looking across from Hains Point, the waterfront skyline has changed significantly. The only building that hasn't reached above street level yet is 1000 Maine Avenue. Aside from 525 Water and St. Augustine's church, the Parcel 4 buildings are furthest along, with glass going up on VIO condos and brick appearing on the exterior of the apartment building facing Maine Avenue.

1000 Maine, Wharf Hall & apartments
District Pier & Intercontinental Hotel

Hyatt House & Canopy by Hilton
VIO condos

Here are a few photos of the buildings looking from Maine Avenue:

Wharf Hall & apartments 
800 Maine
Parcel 4 apartments
Hyatt House & Canopy by Hilton

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