Friday, April 1, 2016

Over 1,800 Mixed Income Units Could be Built at Greenleaf

At last Saturday’s second Greenleaf community meeting, consultants from HR&A Advisors revealed a potential redevelopment plan for Greenleaf, which calls for a phased redevelopment of the 15-acre public housing complex. The plan would rebuild the 493 units of public housing that currently exist at Greenleaf as well as another 1,374 units of market-rate housing, in a mix of 1-, 2-, 3-bedroom and townhome units. Since many of the existing Greenleaf units are townhomes, a portion of the replacement Greenleaf units will also be townhomes. 

There were six main design ideas that were followed by the consultants and planners from Perkins Eastman: 
  1. Make significant public places – Greenleaf abuts Lansburgh Park north of M Street and Greenleaf Recreation Center to the south 
  2. Build on existing and historic street network 
  3. Construct higher density first 
  4. Re-connect across M Street 
  5. Enhance connection to emerging neighborhoods: Waterfront Station, The Wharf, Capitol Riverfront, Ballpark District 
  6. Integrate market and affordable housing – 30% affordable on each redeveloped block 

The preferred redevelopment option would be to build the first phase outside the Greenleaf footprint, but in the vicinity, so Greenleaf residents won’t need to leave the community. A “Build First” model is something many in the community have advocated for and has the support of the ANC and the DC Council. Several District and federally-owned sites were identified as possible locations for building the initial phase of 127 units under the “Build First” model. This would allow the redevelopment of the block of 38 townhomes between L and M streets to proceed without displacing residents because the families in the townhome units can be moved to the new off-site building. 

The initial phase inside the Greenleaf boundaries would be a high-rise building on the north side of M Street with 271 units for seniors, with the potential for ground floor retail. Once that building is complete, the current seniors building on the south side of M would be replaced with another high-rise with 662 units of mixed income housing, including flats and townhomes on the first two levels. Phase three on-site includes 240 units – townhomes where the Greenleaf mid-rise building is now and a high-rise on the north end of the block between L and M streets. After that phase is complete, a mix of 336 mid-rise and townhome units can be built on the block between K and L streets. Development would conclude with more mid-rise and townhome units (336 units) on the northernmost block between I and K streets. 

This is just a preliminary plan and could change before the final plan is released this summer. A third community meeting will be held in May where the plan will be fleshed out further. Construction is still several years away, but having a framework will allow the Housing Authority to seek a developer partner to help bring the vision of a mixed income Greenleaf to reality.

The redevelopment plan for Greenleaf sounds very similar to one posted three years ago today on this blog...the only difference is the current plan is NOT A JOKE. The Housing Authority could have hired me to write the plan! :-)


crods said...

you were so close. maybe your consultancy fee was too high? or maybe they just lifted the plans from your 3 years old blog?

AMK said...

This is great news! Sounds like a solid plan. Fingers crossed that it moves forward without too much delay ...

Michael said...

This is great news! I would love if they could incorporate a multi-use park like at the Navy Yard with the ice skating/water park.

P.S. I hope PN Hoffman bids on this project! They seem to put so much thought into respecting SW and they are truly evolving our area into the most unique destination in the District!

west156th said...

I certainly hope this story is NOT an April Fools joke? I recall a similar story posted here a year or two ago....