Wednesday, February 17, 2016

301 M Street Starting Construction in Short Order

The Bernstein Companies is gearing up for construction to begin in the coming weeks at 301 M Street, one of three new residential buildings planned on a stretch of M Street from 6th Street to Delaware Avenue which are expected to start this year. Plans call for about 190 apartment units in an 11-story building with some ground floor retail. This new building at Town Center East will be constructed on what is currently the parking lot for Waterfront Tower condos. In fact, the parking lot has already been emptied and a construction fence will soon be placed around it. Before construction can begin, a fence will be built on the west side of the property to give residents of Waterfront Tower a temporary access point to the property, since the current entrance on the south side will be blocked off due to construction activity. 

Construction of the first new building at Town Center East will be followed with a second building. Two years after 301 M Street receives its certificate of occupancy, construction can begin on the mirror image building planned for the K Street parking lot used by 1001 @ Waterfront apartments as well as renovations to 1001 @ Waterfront. In addition to 301 M Street, construction should also start soon at the St. Matthew’s redevelopment, located at M Street and Delaware Avenue, as well as The View at 6th and M streets, which is expected to begin in June.

The View
St. Matthew's

Renderings courtesy of Maurice Walters Architect, PC, Shalom Baranes Associates, and SK&I Architecture


Ewa said...

This new development in SW lacks style and is out of proportion compared to the existing buildings. These humongous new constructions are so uninspiring. So sad that profit of developers takes precedence over aesthetics and quality of life of residents.

Michael said...

You would think with the amazing midcentury architecture and an amazing modern theatre it would INSPIRE builders! Three words to describe: Beige. Bland. Boring.

Glenn said...

Boring, Michael, is, unfortunately, cheap.

Unknown said...

any idea what retail will be here?

Pro-SW Middle Class said...

Boring indeed. Still, having something besides a parking lot from the age of car-topia may help lower the violent crime on 3rd street.