Thursday, January 7, 2016

Pier 4 at The Wharf to Remain Commercial, Rise to 3 Stories

Hoffman-Madison Waterfront (HMW) has filed with the Zoning Commission to modify the approved Stage One PUD for Pier 4, located adjacent to the new Waterfront Park currently under construction at The Wharf. Initially, the plan was to work on Pier 4 in the third phase of The Wharf, but HMW has decided to move up construction of Pier 4 to coincide with the completion of Waterfront Park, in order to minimize disruption to the park. In addition, the development team seeks to change the permitted use from residential to commercial in light of the lack of support from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to allow townhouses constructed on the pier. Instead, Pier 4 will continue to be be used by Entertainment Cruises, which currently operates out of the pier and neighboring Pier 3. Entertainment Cruises will consolidate its operations to Pier 4. 

View from Washington Channel
A permit was given to HMW in 2015 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to do the following, according to the Zoning Commission application: 
To renovate, including constructing additional stories not to exceed a total structure height of 55 feet above the existing site, in the same roofline footprint; to construct an approximately 23-foot wide by 200-foot long pier at the channelward end of the existing pier structure, to install two dolphins; and to construct a 20-foot wide by 40-foot long floating platform with 6 piles on the west side of the existing pier, all to extend a maximum of 530 feet channelward of the existing bulkhead. 
View from Waterfront Park
The plan for the pier is to maintain the brick head house structure for passenger ticketing and locker rooms for employees and build a two-story addition to the existing concrete canopy structure located behind the head house. McGraw Bagnoli Architects has designed the new pier building as a concrete structure with wood and metal accents. A passenger staging area, restrooms, and office space will be located on the first floor while the second and third floors will contain more office space and terraces, both covered and uncovered. 

The existing head house building at Pier 4 will remain.
HMW will go before the ANC next week to seek their support for the change in plans to Pier 4. 

Renderings courtesy of Hoffman-Madison Waterfront


Michael said...

I still can't believe this will all be within a few minutes walk! Another great design and it's nice they are being considerate and changed the construction timeline so it won't impact the park.

Unknown said...

So excited about our new state of the art home all in one place on Pier 4! Entertainment Cruises is very excited to be a part of this revolutionary development on the SW Waterfront!