Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Extreme Makeover: New Windows and Doors Edition

The corner of South Capitol and I streets looks a little brighter these days with new windows recently installed at the Capitol Skyline Hotel. The new windows at the Capitol Skyline Hotel have a white frame, which gives the hotel exterior a much different look compared to the old blue-framed windows.

Old windows with blue frame
New windows with white frame

Across the street, windows at Randall Recreation Center have been painted, security bars removed, and doors replaced. One of the windows at Randall will also be replaced. The improvements at Randall are a result of money given by the Bernstein Companies as a part of their PUD approval for Town Center East. In addition, DPR has $250,000 available to make ADA-compliant improvements to Randall, but they are seeking more funds in the FY 2017 budget to make additional improvements.


Michael said...

Wow! Randall looks great--not to be picky but I would have gone for green windows too!

Does the Skyline have any other plans that you know of? The windows look great. I have been meaning to try the restaurant Lapidus - has anyone tried?

AMK said...

New windows at the Skyline are long overdue! That could be such a cool vintage building if they would fix it up more. The new windows are a good start. I certainly hope they'll follow up with a good power wash and/or paint job of the whole dingy exterior and also replace the faded awning at the front entrance.