Saturday, October 10, 2015

SWBID's Inaugural Chairman's Breakfast

SWBID held its inaugural Chairman’s Breakfast event on Wednesday morning at Arena Stage. This was a coming out party of sorts for SWBID, which has been busy behind the scenes getting the organization set up. SWBID's boundaries are roughly from the National Mall to M Street north-south and South Capitol to 15th streets east-west. Several entities are involved with SWBID, including Vornado, GSA, the JBG Companies, Forest City Washington, Hoffman-Madison Waterfront, Boston Properties, MetLife, and others. SWBID's Board of Directors are made up of Geoffrey Griffis, Chair; Jessica Schoen, Vice Chair; David Smith, Vice Chair; Monty Hoffman, Treasurer; and Thomas Cicotello, Secretary.

Nicholas Rodriguez and Eleasha Gamble sing a duet from 
Arena's hit production of Oklahoma! to start the program.
There were many statistics about SWBID shared at the event, including the following: 
  • SWBID, at 851 acres is the largest BID geographically in the District – for comparison, the Downtown BID contains 639 acres. 
  • 5 hotels, 2 museums, 3 churches, 21 residential projects with 1,200 units, and a new public library are in the development pipeline within SWBID. 
  • 19K people live within a mile of Arena Stage. 
  • 60K people work in the BID; by 2018 that number will increase to 69K. 
  • There are 959 hotel rooms in SWBID; by January 2018 the number of rooms will double. 
  • There are 21M SF of office space in SWBID; GSA owns or leases 15M SF. 
  • 39K people use L’Enfant Plaza Metro station, more than Union Station. 
  • 110K people came to see the SW Waterfront fireworks show at this year’s Cherry Blossom Festival. 
  • The Museum of the Bible, which is opening at 4th and D streets in 2017, expects 3 million visitors during its first year of operations. 

The five goals of SWBID are the following: 
  1. Implement a Clean Streets program. 
  2. Partner with District and Federal agencies to make the area more walkable. 
  3. Work with cultural and hospitality partners to keep occupancy levels high. 
  4. Direct the launch of the SW Ecodistrict. 
  5. Make the area a safe and great location for business and an attractive location for residents to live.

A certificate was awarded to SW resident Terrence Williams.
SWBID organized a test clean up of 4th Street last month, but in the coming weeks, the cleaning crew will be in uniform doing regular clean ups around the BID. 

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AMK said...

I was thrilled to see someone in uniform from SWBID doing some cleanup around the L'Enfant Plaza over the course of several days recently. That area desperately needs the attention, since the city agencies that are supposed to perform basic services like emptying of trash receptacles and street cleaning / litter removal regularly neglect the area. The area is often incredibly dirty, with overflowing trash cans and litter lining the streets and sidewalks and clogging the sewer drains. It's marred by graffiti, and many of the (already dim) street lights don't work, making the area dark and unsafe at night. Hoping SWBID can help bring about needed improvements to the area! Particularly since it will soon be one of the major connectors from the National Mall to the future world-class Wharf development. As it is now, L'Enfant Plaza is an unsightly embarrassment.