Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Casual French-Mediterranean Seafood Restaurant Coming to The Wharf

At least a dozen new restaurants will be opening in the first phase of The Wharf starting in 2017 and details on one that will be located in a prominent location is now available. It was reported in The Washington Post that chef and restaurateur Mike Isabella will team up with fellow “Top Shelf All-Stars” contestant Jennifer Carroll on a restaurant concept at The Wharf. The restaurant will be called Requin, a French-Mediterranean seafood restaurant. It will be located in a freestanding 4,000-SF glass-enclosed space “on the main boardwalk” with outdoor seating. From this description I am assuming this restaurant will be located on the land side of District Pier between Wharf Hall and the InterContinental Hotel. The article mentions the type of food to be served at the restaurant: 
Aside from fish and more fish, Requin is expected to feature an old-fashioned cheese cart, dry-aged bone-in ribeye steak, seafood roasts and the largest wine menu of any Isabella restaurant. The place sounds almost like a fine-dining restaurant, but Isabella says it will remain casual, befitting the style of his other properties. 
Prior to opening at The Wharf in 2017, Requin (which means shark in French) will open as a pop-up restaurant this fall in the Mosaic District in Merrifield. This will give Carroll a chance to refine the concept before the debut at The Wharf. Back in March, Isabella and other celebrity chefs were rumored to be opening restaurants at The Wharf. We’ll see who else makes an announcement in the coming weeks. 

Another bit of news from the article is that Isabella will be buying one of the condos at The Wharf, presumably at VIO. 

Rendering courtesy of Hoffman-Madison Waterfront

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