Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Randall Playground Open

The playground at Randall is now open for use while the newly planted grass still needs time to grow. It’s been several years in the making, although the improvements are a scaled back version of the original plans due to cost overruns. For instance, the skate and splash parks have been replaced with grass. Below are some additional photos of the new plaza and playground.

The next phase of improvements includes a new turf baseball and soccer field that will be built under a partnership with DPR, the Washington Nationals Dream Foundation, Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation, and Under Armour. The new turf fields should be complete by November.


AMK said...

Are there plans to add a skate park and splash park in the future, or are those forever off the table now? That's really unfortunate. Kids need access to things like that. Recently walked by the new splash park at Greenleaf, and there were tons of kids there having a ball. As the weather heats up for the summer, it's hard to picture a lot of kids enjoying the new playground without the benefit of a splash park to help them stay comfortable in the heat.

SWill said...

Those elements will be added when funding becomes available. The location of the skate park and splash park will depend (in part) on the Randall development to the west, who would prefer not to have a skate park adjacent to their planned restaurant.