Tuesday, May 12, 2015

View at Waterfront Revised PUD Gets ANC Support

At Monday’s ANC 6D meeting, representatives from Mill Creek Residential Trust and SK&I Architecture presented plans for the development of two apartment buildings on the parking lots of The View at Waterfront apartments on 6th Street. A modified PUD has been filed for this project earlier this year – the original PUD was approved several years ago under a previous owner, but several changes have been made. The height and density of the project have been reduced, resulting in a change in building materials from concrete to wood-frame. Also, the number of apartment units and parking spaces have been reduced. In addition, the number of bicycle spaces has increased and the distance between the new and existing buildings has increased. Below is a summary of the major changes to the design of the buildings: 

Building Height 
  • Old PUD: 112 feet 
  • Revised PUD: 85 feet 

Floor Area Ratio (FAR)
  • Old PUD: 4.35 
  • Revised PUD: 3.40 

Number of New Units 
  • Old PUD: 324 units 
  • Revised PUD: 260 units 

Parking Spaces 
  • Old PUD: 569 (0.98 spaces per unit) 
  • Revised PUD: 290 (0.56 spaces per unit) 

Courtyard Space Between New and Existing Buildings 
  • Old PUD: 51 feet 
  • Revised PUD: 57 feet 

The north tower will be on the K Street lot and the south tower will be on the M Street lot. Ground floor retail with 20-foot ceilings will be located in the south tower at the corner of 6th and M streets, ideally a restaurant. The south tower will also have a cut out on the top of the building for a large rooftop entertainment area where residents can gather and get a view of The Wharf. Meanwhile, the north tower will have loft units and a two-level gym. 

The ANC commissioners voted unanimously to support the revised PUD application, which will go before the Zoning Commission on June 11. The current development timeline calls for construction to begin around mid- to late April 2016 and exterior work on the north and south towers to be complete in December 2017 and March 2018, respectively. Construction is currently scheduled to be completed by November 2018.

Renderings courtesy of SK&I Architecture


Wizzyliz said...

A bit off topic here but I'd like to give a big shout-out to the responsible party or parties who paved Maine Avenue recently.

Anonymous said...

Aha, so it is the fabled 85' wood building. Before new building code changes took effect this year, wood buildings could only go to 65'.

I see they're also taking full advantage of the code's generous treatment of mezzanines, with the "loft units" and high ceilinged restaurant. However, I wouldn't count on 9' ceilings in the units!

Bob@weller.org said...

I appreciate that the height was reduced to 85 feet, which is more in keeping with the area (except for the old EPA buildings). Now, if the St. Matthew's developer would just do the same thing. Did this project also need a greenspace waiver?