Friday, May 1, 2015

The Wharf Wins "Deal of the Year"

The Washington Business Journal awarded The Wharf with “Deal of the Year” in its annual Best Real Estate Deals series. The mile-long, billion-dollar plus development project was more than a decade in the making and construction of phase one finally began in March 2014. The first phase will include three apartment buildings and two condo buildings with more than 800 housing units, two office buildings, three hotels, Wharf Hall, retail, four piers, parks, and a new St. Augustine’s Church, along with a new waterfront promenade. 

Construction is humming along these days. According to the WBJ article: 
Roughly half of the mile-long, 25-acre project area is now excavated. There are 70 dump trucks running four trips per day, 10 tower cranes and dozens of workers on site, with many more to come. 
The massive District Pier is nearly finished, which will stretch from Maine Avenue into the Washington Channel. Meanwhile, piles are being driven for the Transit Pier and test piles have been driven for the Market Pier. Repaving of Maine Avenue should be complete later this month. 

The new condos and St. Augustine’s Church building are the furthest along – construction is above ground and the elevator shaft is several stories in the air. Delivery is scheduled for spring 2016, over a year before other components of the first phase of development are supposed to come online. 

Next on the list to deliver in 2016 will be Waterfront Park and new lighting for the Case Bridge. A blue stripe will run along the northbound bridge and will be visible from The Wharf. The lighting scheme is more subdued than originally planned, due to input from the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts. If you want to keep track of the construction progress at The Wharf, construction cameras have been set up at different vantage points. 

In Other Wharf News: Jenny’s Asian Fusion restaurant has completed its relocation to the former Channel Inn café space and has reopened as Jenny’s at the Wharf. The café serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

King Ribs is back! After getting his business license, Bufus Buchanan’s King Ribs stand is now open at Gangplank Park.

Below is a list of upcoming free events at Gangplank Park, including two events this weekend – The American Odyssey Relay Race on Saturday and the Running of the Chihuahuas on Sunday.

Renderings courtesy of Hoffman-Madison Waterfront


Unknown said...

Such a fan of SWTLQTC. Your updates are really helpful. It's hard to get a lot of the information you post, even with jumping between official sites!

Marc said...

Seconded. It's always been that way as long as he's had the blog. Great exclusive information. BTW, there' a farmer's market nearly year-round across from NASA HQ at Patriot's Plaza. 11a-6p every Wednesday!

Marc said...

@SWill, do you know if / when the St Augustine's condos are on sale? No info about this online. Thank you if you can find out anything.

SWill said...

Marc: I don't know when exactly sales are supposed to begin at the Water Street condos, but it will likely be sometime in the second half of this year.