Monday, April 6, 2015

Review of 'The Originalist'

The Originalist, written by John Strand and directed by Arena Stage’s Artistic Director Molly Smith, tells the story of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, a polarizing figure that has been on the court since President Ronald Reagan nominated him during the 1980s. The play takes place during the 2012-13 timeframe and is considered to be historical fiction. Starring Edward Gero as Justice Scalia, the show begins with Scalia giving a talk at Georgetown University, where he is interrupted by Cat (played by Kerry Warren), an aspiring liberal grad that would like to become a clerk – for Justice Scalia. As the show progresses, it’s clear that the two are unevenly matched during their sparring matches – in more ways than one. While Gero’s performance as Justice Scalia is stellar, bringing gravitas to the role, Warren falls flat. Despite the uneven performances, The Originalist is a success due to Gero’s convincing portrayal of the conservative lion of the Court. 

The Originalist has been extended for an unprecedented second time. The show will now run through May 3 at the Kogod Cradle and will return on May 19, running through May 31. Tickets can be purchased here

Photo by C. Stanley Photography, courtesy of Arena Stage

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