Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Capitol View's Cafe Phillips Changes Name

Over the weekend, storefront signage was changed at the corner of 3rd and E streets for Café Phillips deli, which is now known as Sandwiches by Phillip. Three of the five former Café Phillips locations across the city have made the switch to Sandwiches by Phillip. The 3rd and E Street location opened in June 2011 on the ground floor of the Capitol View office building. The other retailer in the building is Pizza Autentica, which also opened in 2011.

Old Cafe Phillips sign.

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SWag said...

What's weird is Cafe Phillips still exists. They have 2 other locations. There is also this, Sandwiches by Phillip - which has 3 total locations. So are they all by the same guy I wonder. And if so, why the switch?

Either way, I liked Cafe Phillips branding better (not that is matters).

Their breakfast sandwiches (Cafe Phillips) are to die for. Sausage, egg and cheese on pumpernickel toast.

Wish they had evening and weekend hours. One day...