Monday, November 10, 2014

ANC 6D Urges Council to Delay Stadium Vote

At this evening’s ANC 6D meeting, the commissioners voted unanimously to support a resolution to urge the DC Council to delay their planned first vote on the DC United stadium deal on Buzzard Point at next week’s Council meeting until the next Council session begins in 2015. The commissioners feel that the Council vote is being rushed after the election in order to get it passed before the end of Mayor Gray’s term and Mayor-elect Bowser takes office in January. After all, an independent analysis of the stadium deal was released just last week and a hearing was held the same afternoon. According to the commissioners, there are several issues surrounding the deal that have not been resolved (some of which were brought up at the Council hearing last week), including: 
  • A transportation plan for Buzzard Point 
  • Preservation of affordable housing closest to the stadium site on Buzzard Point 
  • An environmental report on the Super Salvage site, which is suspected to be the most polluted of the sites in the stadium footprint 
  • Concern over whether the city will breach its self-imposed $150 million cap on expenses toward the stadium project 
  • A Community Benefits Agreement has not been signed or negotiated yet by the city or team 
  • The Reeves Center land swap is problematic – the independent study performed by a consultant hired by the Council stated that the Buzzard Point parcels have been overvalued and the Reeves Center has been undervalued, resulting in an overpayment by the District of $25.7 million
On a related note, an article in this weekend's Washington Post brought into question whether the stadium deal needs to be reworked because of some of the unresolved issues also addressed in ANC 6D's resolution.

Rendering courtesy of DC United

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