Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Compilation of Stadium Articles

As efforts to get the DC United stadium deal passed by the DC Council before the end of the year intensify following the release of the consultant report on November 5, several developments have occurred that have been summarized below:
  • Akridge has conceded to build a portion of the Reeves Center site without residential uses according to The Washington Post.
  • Housing Complex writes about the "inevitability" of Buzzard Point.
  • An article in Housing Complex states that DC United doesn't need a tax abatement in order to build the soccer stadium according to testimony by the CFO. 
  • Capital Business reports that the Reeves Center swap may be removed from the deal. In addition, a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) for the area near the proposed Buzzard Point stadium site may still be on the table. The consultant report acknowledges in the potential risks section that the District usually provides a significant CBA in these kinds of deals and will need to be factored in the $150 million cap on expenses. Ward 8 Council member Marion Barry is quoted in the Capital Business article as saying: "no stadium deal will be done without a Community Benefits Agreement."
  • Mayor-Elect Bowser has stated she will remove the Reeves Center swap from the stadium deal in remarks to the Federal City Council according to reporting by The Washington Post.
  • The DC Fiscal Policy Institute has some ideas on how to improve the stadium deal.
  • Two DC Council committees will vote on the stadium legislation on November 25 according to Capital Business sans Reeves Center swap.
  • Both committees in the DC Council approved legislstion to buikd a soccer stadium for DC United according to The Washington Post.
Rendering courtesy of DC United

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