Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Library Relocation Meeting Tomorrow

Apologies for the short notice, but there will be a community meeting tomorrow evening hosted by the DC Public Library, the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development, and the Office of Planning to discuss plans to relocate the Southwest branch library to a mixed use building planned on a District-owned parcel on 4th Street at Waterfront Station. The meeting will be held at the Southwest branch library, located at 900 Wesley Place at 6:30pm. It is a follow-up meeting to the one held on June 4 to gather input, interests, and any concerns regarding the potential move of the library to 1000 4th Street. Preliminary conceptual drawings from CORE Architects will also be presented. 


SWag said...

I really hope that some of our younger neighbors come out and support this idea/attend the meeting. The millennial demographic never seems to show up for these meetings, yet we are a key component of SW's population. I guess we/they get involved via social media and other mediums(like this blog), but these meetings seem to be where the battle is won.

Anyway, a NEW mixed use library on 4th St would be a great addition to the newly forming Waterfront Station. The corridor is struggling. Why put such a prized community asset on Wesley Pl, as an afterthought. Bring the library to 4th St where it will be visible and add to the density/life of the struggling Waterfront Station. The entrance doesn't have to be on 4th St. Try options where you enter from the side of the building along the green path near the church (this way no store frontage is lost along 4th St - not that we would really miss it at this point anyway).

The library should be an asset to everyone - not just kids who need to blow off steam!

Also it would be nice to have an additional mixed use building in the former library spot at some point.


Unknown said...

Very well said, and I agree 100%. I'm a millennial and was unfortunately unable to attend the meeting yesterday; do you know if there are any other ways to provide input on this topic? Is there a specific point of contact to connect with?

Thanks as always.

SWill said...

You can contact Marc Bleyer from DMPED: marc.bleyer@dc.gov

RachealH. said...

Hi Unknown,

My name is Racheal and I am both a SW resident and a DC Library employee. There are a few ways to show your support for a new Southwest Library on 4th St. The first is to reach out to your ANC member and voice your support. The other would be to attend the DC Public Library's next Board of Trustees meeting at Petworth Library at 6pm on July 23rd.