Monday, April 28, 2014

A Few Quick Monday Evening Items: Water Taxi, SW History, Wharf Retail

Potomac Riverboat Company is now offering a new water taxi service on the Potomac River connecting Old Town Alexandria and National Harbor to the National Mall. The National Mall stop is located at West Basin and Ohio drives. The average trip time from Old Town Alexandria to the National Mall is approximately 30 minutes and from National Harbor to the National Mall is 45 minutes. Tickets are $14 one way or $28 round-trip for adults, and $8 O/W & $16 R/T for children.

SWNA will have its monthly meeting tomorrow at Westminster Presbyterian Church (400 I Street), starting at 7pm. The meeting will include a presentation from Marjorie Lightman, Bill Zeisel, and Peter Sefton from QED Associates LLC, who will share their preliminary findings from a historic context study of Southwest that was commissioned by SWNA. The context study is a step in the process of establishing a Southwest Historic District.

In today's Real Estate Bisnow, Monty Hoffman from PN Hoffman is profiled. An interesting factoid about the retail planned at The Wharf was mentioned:
About two-thirds of The Wharf's restaurant space is under LOI, and celebrity chefs Mike Isabella, Robert Wiedemeyer, Stephen Starr, and Fabio Trabocchi are in talks for new concepts.

Rendering courtesy of Hoffman-Madison Waterfront


HRH King Friday XIII, Ret. said...

The thing I dislike about this Potomac riverboat company and other water taxi companies is that you have to dig, dig, dig on thier websites to figure out whether or not they dock or stop at SW waterfront. The only exception being Oddysey cruises, I suppose. I would love to hop on a dedicated water taxi for Old Town brunch on the weekends. But when they say they have a "National Mall Stop" that means nothing to me. The advertising by these water taxi companies is just so terrible for the SW community and trying to locate one of their route maps is impossible. I hope that all changes before the Warf project.

SWill said...

Potomac Riverboat Company doesn't stop at the SW waterfront. Their stop in SW is in West Potomac Park at Ohio and West Basin drives. You could theoretically take the 10:30am water taxi from West Potomac Park to Alexandria and come back on the 1:50pm boat (or 3:10pm depending on whether there are bottomless mimosas at brunch). ART has a stop at the Gangplank Marina next to the entrance to Cantina Marina (although ART only serves Georgetown, SW, and Navy Yard right now and from ART's website, it's unclear whether they are open yet for the season).

HRH King Friday XIII, Ret. said...

Ugh, that's even worse. They should stop at Waterfront. How am I supposed to walk home from Ohio Drive drunk on Old Town mimosas? Life is so unfair.

SWill said...

Pedicab it home :-) The service is geared more for tourists, not locals. Not sure many people want to come to the Wharf right now to see a big construction site.

Anonymous said...

It's American River Taxi that has operated a water taxi from Gangplank, not Potomac Riverboat. I agree that I was frequently too confused about when and how to get to the water taxi to ever be able to make use of it.

The "National Mall" stop is quite a hike from anything, even the MLK or FDR memorials, but I guess it's the closest that the actual Potomac channel gets to the Mall (besides the Water Gate behind the Lincoln Memorial).

Fantastic news about the forthcoming restaurants!

AMK said...

The news of local celebrity chefs in talks for new restaurants at The Wharf is great news. My general fear about The Wharf is that it will be widely dominated by nondescript national chain restaurants and stores, thus offering very little in the way of character or interest to distinguish it from anywhere else in the country. While chain domination could still happen, I'm glad to hear that there's a chance of getting some interesting, quality businesses in the new development.

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