Thursday, February 13, 2014

Parcel 11 Will Be First to Deliver at The Wharf

By this summer, St. Augustine's Episcopal Church in its current form will be no more. The building will be demolished and its congregation will move temporarily to the fellowship hall of Christ United Methodist Church at 4th and I streets while construction begins on their new home. The church came to terms with Hoffman-Madison Waterfront to extend The Wharf development to St. Augustine's, which is at the corner of 6th Street and Maine Avenue. In addition to a new sanctuary, St. Augustine's will get an endowment.  At the new St. Augustine’s Church on Parcel 11, there will be views of the church from M Street and Maine Avenue since it will be located at a prominent corner. There will be a soft curved edge in front of St. Augustine's to complement the curvature of Arena Stage across the street. The 2-story church will be approximately 15,000 square feet with the sanctuary located on the second floor offering views toward the Washington Monument. Also on the second floor will be classrooms and a library. On the ground floor, the entrance will lead to a vestibule that connects to classrooms and an all purpose room, which will be available for community events, similar to how St. Augustine's is now used for meetings.  

Parcel 11B will be a condo building.

In turn, Hoffman-Madison Waterfront will build a 108-unit mid-rise condo building adjacent to the new sanctuary, which will face the townhouses at Tiber Island. A portion of the units will be reserved for households earning up to 50% and 80% of Area Median Income (AMI). The asymmetry of the facade was designed to be similar to the Tiber Island townhouses across the street.There will be a concrete base with four stories of wood frame construction above. The penthouse level will be set back 12 feet from the lower floors and will offer private terraces. A courtyard will be created on the second floor with some green space and a fountain. In addition, there will be a green roof, but condo residents will not have access to the roof except for those with terraces on the penthouse level. It will take about 18 months to build both, which places delivery around the beginning of 2016. Groundbreaking for phase one of The Wharf will be next month and the other parcels are scheduled to deliver by the fall of 2017.

Renderings courtesy of MTFA Architecture and SK&I Architectural Group


Lawrence Impett said...

I've been trying to keep up with the Wharf plans but have seen nothing as to the plans for the proposed new public park across the street from the cruise lines on Water Street. The park was supposed to be part of he Phase 1 construction.

Also, it's interesting to note that the official Wharf web site apparently was last updated about a year ago -- the latest headline (dated April 7, 2013) refers to last year's Cherry Blossom festival! I'm disappointed that the developers aren't doing more to post current information.

L. Impett

SWill said...

The park will be built during phase one. It was mentioned at the ANC meeting that it will be completed sometime in 2017.

Anonymous said...

Phase 1 has a few sub-phases, and the park will be built towards the end. Nothing will change at the east end of Water Street in 2014.

Glad to see that developers are moving forward with low-rise, stick-built buildings rather than keeping us waiting (and waiting) for high-rises. Also glad to see more for-sale product!