Friday, July 12, 2013

Another Parking Lot for South Capitol Street

I'm starting to play catch up on items I missed while on vacation in Costa Rica. The Washington Business Journal reports that a permit has been issued for Warring Sons Inc. to create a 42-space parking lot at 1323 South Capitol Street.  The site is located to the north of Camden South Capitol and was most recently used as a staging area while the apartment building was under construction. On the other side of the lot are row homes. A for-sale sign has been posted on the lot for at least a couple of years.  Representatives from Camden Property Trust have indicated that they will not be building a second phase to Camden South Capitol on the site. Perhaps that site will one day be developed as something besides a parking lot.  In somewhat related news, a demolition permit was issued for the Grayton Plumbing building adjacent to Camden South Capitol on O Street. Camden purchased the building and will demolish it to provide a dog park and an additional point of egress for their residents. 

Grayton Plumbing building on O Street.


Unknown said...

the rowhouse directly north of that parking lot is on sale for 1.2 million! They must expect that a developer will put something there, but I don't know what the zoning allows.

And I liked Grayton plumbing. Given there's a dog run at Yards Park, I wish the Camden folks would have paid to expand that. People walking their dogs the few blocks to and from would have livened up the area on non-Nats nights.

SWag said...

yea idk what is up with that house for sale for 1.something million. A few months back it was in the high 6's if I'm not mistaken.

HRH King Friday XIII, Ret. said...

The more we restrict public street parking for bicylces and streetcars, the more we can expect to see private land being developed for parking. And let's face it, Metro ain't all that it's cracked up to be for those ball games.