Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Improving Play Areas for SW Youth

Several new or renovated playgrounds will soon be available in the neighborhood. The playground at Randall Recreation Center is one of several playgrounds across the city that will be renovated during the 2013 fiscal year which began on October 1, according to the Washington Examiner.   The city will spend a total of $30 million to renovate 32 playgrounds in all 8 wards of the city.  Related to Randall, fill out this survey to gather input on programming ideas at Randall Recreation Center, which will be reopened in 2013 for programs.  Meanwhile, the city set aside an additional $250,000 to help create a playground at the SW Library park at 3rd & I Streets.  In addition, a new playground was built last month at Syphax Gardens (Half and P Streets) with the assistance of Make Kids Smile and over at Amidon-Bowen, construction is supposed to begin soon on two new playgrounds.

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Bob Craycraft, Executive Director, Waterfront Gateway Neighborhood Association said...

While it is wonderful to hear the news of improvements to Randall, not to mention creating a new playground at the Library, it is difficult to see the Duck Pond meanwhile so neglected, with broken brick walls, entire sections of the pond rim fallen into the basin, post lights that fail several times each a year, and a lack of a filtration system resulting in stagnant, odorous water by mid-summer. Should we, as a community, be maintaining our existing facilities before renovating and, indeed building, new ones? If not, why should we believe the new facilities will not be allowed to fall into similar disrepair?