Friday, October 26, 2012

ANC Reconsiders Vote on Waterfront Station PUD

At last week's ANC 6D meeting, the developers of Waterfront Station came back before the commissioners to get their support for extending their PUD until April 2014 for the southwest and northeast parcels. At last month’s meeting, the ANC voted to not support the extension, due to several pending issues that the commissioners wanted resolved with regard to the two vacant parcels.  Since the October meeting, the developers and DMPED (who controls the northeast parcel) have addressed most of those issues.

For instance, signage along the vacant retail spaces on 4th Street now have the correct contact information listed for those who are interested in leasing space at Waterfront Station.  In addition, the southwest parcel has been resurfaced. This site will not be grassed over like the other vacant parcels because a one-level parking garage still exists under this parcel, which is a vestige of the old Waterside Mall.  The garage will not be excavated until redevelopment of the site occurs. A staircase leading to that garage has also been fenced off.  Even though the lot has been resurfaced, it will not serve as a parking lot, but instead will be animated with interim uses starting in 2013.  The developers are evaluating proposals made by different organizations, such as Diverse Markets Management and Washington Parks & People, among others, who will use the space. Most of the landscaping that was planted earlier this year has died due to the warmer & drier than average summer, so those plantings will be replaced next spring. The Waterfront Station website is in the process of being updated with more information about who owns which portions of the site (Waterfront Associates sold the office buildings and retail spaces to USAA last year and also sold the former EPA buildings, now known as Sky House, to Urban Atlantic, but they retain development rights to 3 out of 4 remaining sites). They will work with USAA to put up signage along 4th Street to promote the development as Southwest’s “town center” and jersey barriers on 4th Street will be removed.

On the District-owned northeast parcel, a paved pathway will be created over the next month to replace the sometimes muddy dirt path well-worn by people who traverse the lot.  In addition, DMPED is also exploring interim uses for their parcel and a date has been set for when the site will be solicited for development (although that date was not mentioned at the meeting).

Afterwards, the commissioner voted 5-2 to reconsider their vote from last month and supported the PUD extension (Commissioners Craycraft and Shockley opposed).


HRH King Friday XIII, Ret. said...

Let's get movin, ANC6.

Neighbors of Southwest Duck Pond said...

Waterfront Associates has advised they will be bring forward plans for the NW Parcel (the lot north of 1101 Fourth St., S.W.) at the December 10 ANC meeting.