Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Southwest BARJ Drop-In Center Ribbon Cutting Tomorrow

On Thursday, the Southwest Balanced & Restorative Justice (BARJ) juvenile drop-in center will have a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 11am.  The BARJ center is located on South Capitol Street between M Street and N Street, about a block from Nationals Park and the new Camden South Capitol apartment complex under construction. A press release announcing the ribbon-cutting describes the center as:
A multi-faceted facility, encompassing a probation office, learning lab, vocation training center (focusing on food preparation, web design and silk-screening), and offering a host of strength-based services and activities.
The youth that will go to this center will be local residents who are awaiting trail and need a higher level of supervision, as well as those on probation who have not complied with the terms of their probation. The center will be open Monday - Saturday.  Back when the community learned that the BARJ was coming, there was a mixed reaction. While some residents thought it was a positive thing to give youth an alternative to roaming the streets, others living nearby were concerned about the relative secrecy in how the location of the facility was chosen and whether the facility will be secure. BARJ takes the place of Gryphon Technologies, a contractor.

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Lindsey said...

Dear SWill: in the comments section of your previous post on 02/06/12 several neighbors mentioned or were curious about volunteer opportunities at the BARJ. Do you have any more information on that?