Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More Momentum for Buzzard Point Soccer Stadium

An article in yesterday's Washington Examiner describes how the new ownership team of DC United is moving forward with negotiations to build a new stadium in Buzzard Point.  From the article:
"What I've sensed -- and I understand it better now than when we first took over -- is that the political leaders are behind us now," [owner Jason] Levien said. "They understand that there's a serious, strong constituency for D.C. United soccer in Washington, and they want to see it stay here."
The primary location for a new stadium continues to be Buzzard Point and the city is in the process of assembling land.  More from the article:
[Levien] said he has encountered only support from leaders in Mayor Vincent Gray's office and in the D.C. Council. All of them have focused on Buzzard Point -- not another site in Washington or relocation to another city -- as the best possible solution for a new stadium.
"Every week, we feel like we're making progress on figuring out the structure of the opportunity," Levien said.
A study done by the Greater Washington Sports Alliance envisions a 24,000-seat stadium that would cost at least $157 million to build. The stadium would be part of an entertainment district that would include a music venue, office space, retail, and housing in the vicinity of Akridge's 100 V Street site.

Rendering courtesy of Akridge.


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