Wednesday, June 27, 2012

House Passes Waterfront Legislation, First Wharf Hearing Tomorrow

According to Roll Call, the House of Representatives passed the bill yesterday which will allow the Hoffman-Madison Waterfront team to redevelop the Southwest Waterfront into The Wharf as currently planned, with piers that will extend into the Washington Channel (such as District Pier, a rendering of which is above).  The bill also allows the sale of fruits, vegetables, and other items at the Maine Avenue Fish Market.  This is the second time the House has approved the bill, since the Senate made a slight change to the bill when they passed the measure back in March.  With the passage of this legislation, another roadblock has been removed and brings the project one step closer to groundbreaking in 2013. 

Before that can happen though, they need to get approval from the Zoning Commission. Get some popcorn, because the first Zoning Commission hearing on the Stage Two PUD for Phase One of The Wharf will be held tomorrow evening at 6:30pm, where the following aspects of the development will be discussed: General comments, Parcel 2A, and 2B, Co-Gen Plant, Parcel 1 temporary uses, and Transit Pier.  A live broadcast of the hearing will be available, as well as On Demand starting on Friday.  ANC 6D voted earlier this month not to support the PUD due to some issues that need to be resolved, especially whether the existing liveaboard community at Gangplank Marina will be preserved. The commissioners and the Hoffman-Madison Waterfront team are working to iron out any differences before the next ANC meeting on July 9, where another vote on the PUD may take place.

Rendering courtesy of Hoffman-Madison Waterfront

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