Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Construction Update Part I - Sky House

The former EPA headquarters east tower at Waterfront Station has lost the concrete skin from its former use as an office building. Construction is progressing at the site and the skeletal remains by early 2014 will become Sky House I, a 265-unit apartment building developed by Urban-Atlantic and The JBG Companies.  A rendering of the building is below, designed by Wiencek & Associates.

Amenities will include a fitness center, e-lounge, club room, demonstration kitchen, rooftop swimming pool & deck, garden area with fire pit, pet washing station, and shared garage parking with the office component of Waterfront Station. 

Meanwhile, a construction trailer and demolition equipment have arrived on-site at the west tower. Completion of Sky House II will be a few months behind phase one and will bring an additional 252 units. Ten percent of the units in both phases will be affordable for households earning up to 50% of Area Median Income. The buildings will be at least LEED-certified, but will aim for Silver. 


Bob@weller.org said...

Will these apartments be rentals, sales, or both?

SWill said...

Bob: That is still up in the air at this point, but the last I heard they were to be rental apartments.

Kevin Stockton said...

Does anyone know who the leasing company will be and/or when will they begin leasing the apartments?

SWill said...

Kevin: The leasing company will most likely be JBG since they typically do the leasing at properties they own. Leasing is supposed to begin this summer.

Jermain Am said...

Will these apartments be rentals, sales, or both? Steel Light Fixture

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Unknown said...

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