Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Couple Quick Items: Maine Avenue Improvements Complete, Default Imminent at Donohoe Building

- DDOT announced last week that road and sidewalk improvements along Maine Avenue from 14th Street to the Fish Market have been completed. The $2 million project includes the widening of the sidewalk from four feet to a 14-foot trail to accommodate pedestrians and bikes, the reduction of road lanes from two lanes to one, new storm water drains, lighting, trees, signage, curbs, gutters, and fencing.  On-street parking has been eliminated along this stretch of road as a result.

- It was reported on CityBiz Real Estate that a $38.5 million loan for the Donohoe Building at 400 6th Street is in danger of being in default.  The building is located across the street from Constitution Center about a half block from the L'Enfant Plaza Metro and is currently leased by the District government for the Child and Family Services Agency.  The tenant is scheduled to vacate the building this summer at the conclusion of its lease.  The building was constructed in 1967 and was renovated in 1999. Perhaps this building could be a candidate for a conversion to residential to start the process of introducing residential to the predominately federal business district?


Kate said...

The new 14 foot wide sideway is aweseome!

But for $2 million dollars they couldn't buy any garbage cans? That is one stretch that could really use a few garbage cans!

Lawrence Impett said...

Regarding the Maine Avenue sidewalk.

1) I contacted Councilman Wells' office in early March regarding the lack of trash receptacles. I was told on March 19 that his office would follow-up with DPW. I have not heard anything since. It's too that that:
a) The trash cans were not in place in time for the start of this year's Cherry Blossom Festival.
b) Apparently DPW did not see the need to consult with the community before the sidewalk project started to solicit our recommendations.

2) Does anyone know who will remove the large pile of trash on the Maine Ave. sidewalk under the Fourteenth St. Bridge ramp?

L. Impett

Kate said...

It's too bad this construction did not result in a designated area for bikes. I had been hoping for a bike lane in the street, or at the least a designated ares for bikes on the new, wider sidewalk. Unfortunately the current configuration will likely result in pedestrians still taking up the entire sidewalk and bikes still feeling forced to ride in the now much narrower road to the aggravation of drivers and putting all in danger.