Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A New Southwest Resident Goes Missing

Sometime between late Sunday evening and early Monday morning, a vehicle was stolen from Delaware Avenue near the intersection with Canal Street. The vehicle was a white full-size 2003 Ford F250 Superduty pickup truck, DC tags DX2947, and it belongs to a resident of the River Park Cooperative. According to the owner of the vehicle, he had purchased the truck recently - just four months ago.  The case is being handled by MPD's 1st District Autotheft Division. The owner of the truck made a point of thanking Officers Welsh and Johnson from the 1st District Autotheft Division for their immediate response and for their great efforts put forth this far to recover the vehicle. Based on information from the Autotheft Division, another full-size pickup similar to this one was stolen recently from a residential parking lot further south down Canal Street.  That truck was abandoned and soon after recover in the Anacostia area.  On a positive note, the responding officer, B. Tabron, claimed that cars are recovered in Southwest more often than they are stolen from this area. 

This truck was stolen on Super Bowl Sunday.
The owner of the truck is asking anyone with information about the stolen truck to contact the 1st District Autotheft Division at (202) 729-3404. Also, he asks that the person who has the truck to please leave it in a place it can be found and/or call it in.  If you used the truck for a ride home after the Super Bowl all is forgiven, please just send it on its way home...

Photo courtesy of the owner

Update: Well that was fast...the vehicle was recovered late Tuesday night!


Jennifer said...

You scared me with that title, I thought we had a kidnapping! Glad the truck was found.

Anybody know if crime is up in SW in general, or if we're just hearing about it more than we used to recently?

Janet said...

Seriously! Alarmist headline, no?

Duncan said...

Where was it found? Well,maybe it was just "borrowed without permission." After all it's Super Bowl Sunday. Must get to the nearest television!

Duncan Moredock