Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Civilian BRAC Bill Passes House

The Washington Business Journal reports that the House of Representatives passed the "Civilian BRAC" bill on Tuesday, which would set up a commission to sell off excess or underutilized federal assets, similar to what the military did recently.  There is the potential that one of the assets that may be sold would be the Department of Energy headquarters at 10th and Independence Avenue. That would go a long way towards realizing the vision of the Southwest Ecodistrict, since the Forrestal complex blocks the view towards the Smithsonian Castle and the replacement of the headquarters would offer the opportunity to create a mixed use development at the base of the 10th Street corridor.  The bill did not include the move of the Federal Trade Commission to Southwest as a version of the bill that passed a committee had wanted. If the DOE complex is sold, though, where would those employees go...and how would the government pay for the relocation?  The bill still needs to pass the Senate and get signed by President Obama.

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Bob Craycraft, Executive Director, Waterfront Gateway Neighborhood Association said...

In my written comments to the NCPC as the ANC Commissioner for the area including the Forrestal Building, I voiced my support for removal of the section blocking the view of the Smithsonian Castle from the Southwest waterfront. If you'd like a copy of that statement, please email