Wednesday, February 22, 2012

9:30 Club Operators to Run Wharf Center?

It was reported yesterday in the Washington Business Journal that the Hoffman-Madison Waterfront team is in negotiations with the 9:30 Club to operate the Wharf Center entertainment venue planned during the first phase of The Wharf development.  From the article:
Bob Rubenkonig of Hoffman-Madison Waterfront said his company is working with the 9:30 Club with the hopes of bringing a music venue to the Southwest Waterfront site, though he didn't offer many details on the project while speaking on a panel Tuesday at the International Council of Shopping Centers Mid-Atlantic conference. "We think it will be a terrific traffic generator." Rubenkonig said.
The Wharf Center will be a 135,000 SF multipurpose entertainment and cultural venue on Parcel 2, located near the Maine Avenue Fish Market at 9th Street and Maine Avenue. Wrapped around it will be 494 mixed income apartment units in two towers (292 units in the east tower and 202 units in the west tower), and 39,000 SF of ground floor retail.  In addition, there will be a Combined Heating and Power Facility (CHP) that will provide all the necessary heating, cooling, and electrical power sources for The Wharf northwest of 7th Street. More info on what's planned for Phase 1 can be found here.

Rendering of Parcel 2 courtesy of Hoffman-Madison Waterfront


Diane said...

Bob Rubenkonig of Hoffman Madison Waterfront thinks the 9:30 Club will be a "terrific traffic generator" when the company has already admitted in ANC meetings there is inadequate parking for the number of seats planned for the venue. Where are they planning on putting all that traffic? Also, where are the 494 units going to park? How are they going to feel about living over a space that will be filled with thousands of boxing, tennis and rock fans nightly?

SWag said...

I like the idea. If SW is to grow like we all want it to, it will need an eclectic array of venues. The bottom line is - it is going to be really hard for SW to prosper AND stay a neighborhood community. With the Wharf, Waterfront Station/M Street and the SW Fed Zone all scheduled for MAJOR renos, I think the complexity of SW is going to change dramatically. I think a nicer 9:30 club would be really nice addition to the waterfront...

In response to where will they all park - I think public transit would be a really cool and "green" solution :)

Bob Craycraft, Executive Director, Waterfront Gateway Neighborhood Association said...

We've been told that the L'Enfant Plaza garage is the single largest parking facility in the District, and has more than enough walkable-to-The Wharf available parking spaces in the evenings to accommodate the crowds. A side benefit of The Wharf is going to be a re-energized L'Enfant Plaza with a new Homewood Suites by Hilton hotel, a new office tower, and a renovated retail level.