Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wharf Renderings

I thought I'd start off 2012 with a post about what's to come at The Wharf, which is supposed to get started by the end of the year.  Below are a few photos/renderings from the Stage One PUD submitted last year by Hoffman-Madison Waterfront showing current and proposed views of the Southwest Waterfront from different vantage points.

Banneker Overlook

Current view towards the waterfront.

Proposed view towards the waterfront.
Maine Avenue

Current view of Maine Avenue looking northwest.

Proposed view of Maine Avenue, with outdoor cafes, separated bike lanes, and streetcar line.
View Down 9th Street

Current view down 9th Street towards the waterfront.

Proposed view down 9th Street.
 The Wharf

Current view along the waterfront promenade, looking southeast.

Proposed view along the Wharf, a 60-foot promenade with space for outdoor cafes, pedestrians, vehicles, and a streetcar. It will be designed as a woonerf, a Dutch term for a street where pedestrians and cyclists have priority over vehicles.


Diane said...

Did PN Hoffman send you the renderings?

Wizzyliz said...

Off topic here, but any news on Z-Burger?

SWill said...

dihi: They told me where to find the images.
Wizzyliz: I'm working on getting an update.

Wizzyliz said...