Friday, January 13, 2012

Open Discussion

What's on your mind, Southwest?  Any neighborhood or citywide issues you want to discuss? This is an open discussion where you can leave comments about anything you want (within reason, of course). Enjoy the long holiday weekend!


Johnathan said...

Are there any condos in the plan for phase 1 of the wharf development?

SWill said...

I believe there will be condos and apartments in phase 1.

runwaysmack said...

The development of the Waterside Metro Lofts brings up some questions regarding the use of the land directly adjacent to M Street. In particular for the Safeway side, is there any indication how that large plot of land is going to be used by the developers (not the Waterfront Station land)? I'd assume that it's going to be turned into a ground level parking lot for residents, but is there any chance of an underground parking lot? This would allow for another development on the surface, such as another condo building or perhaps office/retail.

Next, the layout of the land between Waterfront Station, Waterfront Lofts, and Waterfront Tower brings up thoughts about pedestrian access to the Metro Station. While there is the open sidewalk area around Safeway going towards the two residential buildings, is there the potential for a restricted resident pedestrian access path between the Lofts the and Tower? It would prevent the need for residents to have to go to M Street to get to both buildings --- but would require advanced coordination between building stakeholders.

Finally, the actual conversion of the EPA buildings: Is it going to be a reconstruction similar to the the Constitution Center? My concern is the potential for exposure of surrounding residents and workers to airborne contaminants due to 50s/60s area construction materials --- fire retardants or insulation. EPA building... oh the irony.

Just asking.....

SWag said...

Wonder what's taking so long for retailers to occupy the empty spaces
in the Waterfront Station buildings...

2017 can't get here soon enough! After seeing the Yards I'm super pumped to see what the Hoffman - Madison Marquette team can deliver!

Any idea whats going in the empty lots between the churches and the
Waterfront Station buildings? I heard a dog park. Keep SW green!

What about between the Waterfront Station buildings and M St?

I like that path in front of the Safeway, Metro, Station 4, Z burger etc.

With the EPA towers about to be turned into residential buildings, SW is REALLY gonna need more local retail. Other than shops at the new "waterfront", which won't be here for awhile, where will people shop in SW. I find I consume little to nothing in SW outside of the Safeway and CVS. Another reader commented about an Ace Hardware. That would be clutch!

Will the new Wharf still lease to the same tenants? Captain White and friends. Despite what everyone says I hate the greasy fried mush down
there. I would love to see fish markets that actually sell FRESH fish. Maybe other fresh, organic foods.

There is not one gas station in all of SW. Really?

Can the SW Waterfront be a viable neighborhood with large scale public
housing communities sprinkled throughout?

Chipotle in SW? :D

Why are no developers jumping on Buzzard Point? It's RIGHT on the
water! Amazing views. (Could it be it's blocked by public housing? I dunno...) P.S. - no one cares about soccer...

I heard something about a water taxi. What's up with that? It would be awesome if it connected from Gtown to SW to Buzzard Point to Nationals Park to the Yards and maybe Anacostia (if it ever manages to get it's waterfront developed east of the river).

The metro name is changing to Waterfront? When?

What about a marijuana dispensary in SW? (wait is weed still illegal??)

I see a sign for an office building that is to be built on the 500 block of 4th St (across the street - same side as the forensics lab). Anyone have any clue what that is going to be. Probably another government building.

What about the golf course in SW! Why doesn't anyone talk about East Potomac Park Golf Club? Beautiful views of the monuments and at a great price! Heated, spacious driving ranges! With some minor improvements that could be a nice course and selling point in SW.

I keep hearing about the "POSSIBILITY" of a street car in SW. Is it coming or not? Is that even something we would want?

Any news about improvements to Amidon Bowen? That school looks horrible inside. Kind of sad.


SWill said...

runwaysmack: I'm not sure what land you're referring to that's next to Safeway that isn't a part of Waterfront Station. The two M Street lots (on either side of 4th Street) will be office buildings with ground floor retail.

I think eventually the pathway will connect between Waterside Lofts and future phases of Waterfront Tower.

I think interior abatement was already done to the EPA towers when the old Waterside Mall was torn down.

SWag: A lot of your questions can be answered in previous blog entries - take a look at the labels. That golf course does have some awesome views! Amidon's library was redone last summer with the help of Target, but other parts of the building need help, as well as test scores.

Cybertelecom said...

The intersection of Ohio Dr and Maine Ave is a major artery for cyclists leaving SW and headed for the MV Trail, the Rock Creek Trail, and the Crescent trail. Yet that intersection is a form of russian roulette to cross. There is no pedestrian triggered cross walk and cars dont stop on the red. We need serious work by the NPS to redesign that intersection so that it is not a death trap for pedestrians and cyclists.

3E said...

Is it true that the old EPA buildings will be turned into condos/Apts? I thought the buildings were empty due to asbestos & mold.

runwaysmack said...

In my mind I'm thinking the plot of land directly in front of the EPA tower beside the Waterfront Tower parking lot. I was under the impression that this parcel belonged to the WFLoft developers, and the land directly adjacent to the Safeway belonged to WFStation. If it's all owned by WFStation, then I wonder where the WFLoft residents are going to park?

Also --- Thanks for clearing up my question regarding the interior abatement of the EPA towers.

As Will indicated in his response, the interior abatement was already completed which I assume removed all (fingers crossed) the asbestos, lead, and mold.

Mo said...

I reviewed the labels but I didn't see any addressing gas stations. Any plans to replace the gas stations that were closed by South Capitol St.?

Also, any plans for a Panera, Chopt, etc. - something that is not fast food and not another sandwich shop?

SWill said...

Mo: I'm not aware of plans to replace any of the gas stations lost on South Capitol Street. According to Commissioner Craycraft's Facebook page, the leasing agents at Waterfront Station are looking for a casual restaurant for the space next to Subway.

SWag said...

SWill: I went back... I still have the same questions. They were not intended though for just you to answer. More just for community input :) Love the blog!

Bob Craycraft, Executive Director, Waterfront Gateway Neighborhood Association said...

Regarding housing in Phase 1 of The Wharf development, the answer is "Yes." There will be both condo (water-facing) and apartments (city-facing) in what is known as Parcel 4 which is roughly where the Kastles Stadium is sitting now.