Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Five Bikeshare Stations Proposed for the Southwest Portion of the National Mall

The National Park Service has proposed to place five Capital Bikeshare stations on the National Mall. Check the above map for the locations of each proposed station, which are all located in the Southwest portion of the Mall. These locations are near popular attractions including the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial. When the citywide bikeshare program debuted in 2010, NPS was against installing stations on the Mall, but they changed their mind last fall. The proposed stations are scheduled to be installed this spring, perhaps in time for the month-long National Cherry Blossom Festival. These new stations will double the number of Capital Bikeshare locations in Southwest to 10.


PostIt said...

Yes! This is great news. I recently joined CaBi and I think it's a great service. For totally selfish reasons, these are great locations for bike stations.

Cybertelecom said...

Okay, first, this is excellent news. The idea of CABI expanding onto the national mall is wonderful and probably an extremely great way to see the system expand.

But what makes me cringe is the claim that these are in southwest. Um, three of them, if they are in SOUTHwest, are in the SOUTH part by only a couple of feat. All of them are on NPS land - and while that is good - they are servicing NSP land, not the residents and businesses and offices of SW. I am hard pressed to agree that this doubles the number of stations in SW. Just the opposite, I think there remains several gaps in SW that could strongly benefit from new stations (like the 12th and D St neighborhood).


PostIt said...

Robert -- Your argument doesn't really hold water because this was an announcement made by NPS itself, not by CaBi. NPS had previously refused to allow bike stations on its land, so this announcement is good because it shows a change in policy. Furthermore, the NPS announcement could ONLY have identified stations on its land, virtually guaranteeing it could not cater to businesses or residential areas -- though I would argue that hte two stations near Smithsonian are close enough to the SW business to be deemed valuable.

Separately, CaBi is apparently interested in expanding with 50 new stations in 2012. See: http://www.thewashcycle.com/2011/09/capital-bikeshare-will-expand-by-84-early-next-year.html

After those planned stations are announced, we can make a better evaluation of bike availability to SWers specifically.