Friday, October 28, 2011

Z-Burger Sneak Peek

If you've walked by the Waterfront Station Z-Burger lately, you may have noticed a sign has been erected outside that illuminates at night. So that means opening is imminent, right? Well...not quite.  The newest opening date told to me by owner Peter Tabibian when I ran into him at the restaurant is three weeks. According to Peter, all of the furniture has been ordered and once it arrives, it will take four to five days to install it all.  In addition to indoor seating, there will be approximately 40 seats outside. There's a lot left to do besides installing furniture, so let's see if this new opening estimate is accurate. Once a more definitive opening date has been announced, I'll let you know. There will also be free food for the first few days..more details to come. Below are some renderings of the restaurant design, courtesy of Z-Burger, along with some interior photos I took earlier this week.  

This is the view from the front door toward the "place order" area of the register. The red tile on the floor will be a "red carpet" leading to the register. On the ceiling is a design of angel wings.

Owner Peter Tabibian shows off the tile that will be used to create the "red carpet" from the front door to the register. Peter designed the new restaurant himself.

This is a zoomed in photo showing the path to the register. You will be able to see your food get prepared behind the register as you wait for your order.

This is a view looking from the "pick-up" area of the register towards the front door.

This rendering shows a seating area of the restaurant just to the right of the entrance.

This photo is looking in the opposite direction from the above rendering. Notice the column on the right that in the rendering is covered in yellow.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. Hope they have grilled chicken on the menu.

Cocoa said...

yes douche burger, we do.