Monday, September 26, 2011

New Design for Engine 13

I guess the original firehouse-red design for the new Engine 13 firehouse/office building was too risque for conservative Washington because the design has been dramatically changed. Last week, a sign was erected at the site, located at the corner of 4th & E Street, advertising 165,000 SF of office space for delivery in the 4th quarter of 2013 and the above rendering was on the billboard. Gone are the red accents and jagged-tooth corner design by Beyer, Blinder, Belle and in its place is a new design by WDG Architecture

The Beyer, Blinder, Belle design for Engine 13 has been scrapped.
While the old design has been replaced, some components have been kept, including a green roof, LEED certification (the project will now seek LEED-Gold instead of LEED-Silver) and the partnership with Kid Power and DC Central Kitchen. The firehouse entrance and bays will be located on 4th Street while access to the lobby of the office building will be on E Street. CB Richard Ellis is handling leasing at 400 E Street for E Street Development Group LLC and a website has been created for the project with additional information and building renderings. The development team was selected by the District in 2009 with plans for the firehouse building to start construction in 2010.  Last year, there was an effort to lure the headquarters of Northrop Grumman to the building, but ultimately the company chose to relocate to Fairfax County. According to a representative from E Street Development Group LLC, there has been a lot of interest in the building, so they don't anticipate having to build the project on spec.

Renderings courtesy of E Street Development Group, LLC


Jms said...

The current firehouse is at 6th and E St. Why are they saying 4th St?

SWill said...

The firehouse is moving from its current location at 6th & E Street to the SW corner of 4th & E Street - across the street from the CFL under construction.

IMGoph said...

That's too bad. This was a chance to have something unique, and we're going to have to settle for "safe," as usual.

runwaysmack said...

I hope they're planning to use soundproof glass.... I work near the existing fire station, and it's always fun having a telecon with the sirens blaring.

Caity Rose said...

hideous glass building but typical of DC. can't design anything with class in this city. always has to be modern and boring