Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Open Discussion

I'm going on vacation for the next week, so in lieu of a normal blog post, I thought I'd open the floor to discussion on any topic(s) you'd like while I'm away.  Not to direct the discussion, but an interesting topic that will have citywide implications is the implementation of the new online gaming law. The DC Lottery will be having meetings over the next few weeks in each ward to go over their plans for implementation. In response to these meetings - which will occur in September and October (they were initially scheduled for August when most people are out of town and community organizations do not meet, but was changed), ANC 6D commissioner Andy Litsky has proposed the following resolution for ANCs and other community organizations throughout the city to adopt, according to The Georgetown Dish:
Resolution Regarding Internet Gambling in the District of Columbia

Whereas the online/Internet gambling/iGaming including computerized slots legislation was inserted into the December 2010 budget without public discussion or public hearings, contrary to the principles of open and transparent government; and
Whereas the potential negative economic impacts associated with bringing online gambling supported and operated by the District of Columbia Government everyday until 4AM may include increased police protection, alcohol beverage control, zoning and fire safety enforcement, specialized protection against hacking of the DC Government website and its gambling site, and increased addiction treatment vastly outweigh the projected annual financial benefits to the District that might be realized by its implementation.

Now, therefore let it be resolved that (ANC Commissions, civic associations, churches, citizens) supports the immediate repeal of the “Lottery Modernization Amendment Act of 2010” and a moratorium on the implementation of DC Government online/Internet gambling/iGaming including computerized slots so that this issue in stand alone legislation can be thoroughly vetted in an open and fully transparent manner with proper public consideration, comments, hearings and recorded vote by the Council of the District of Columbia and approval and signature of the Mayor.
The ANC noted in their conditional approval of The Wharf PUD that online gaming should be prohibited in areas outside of private residences.  Speaking of the Wharf, ANC 6D will hold a special meeting on Monday, August 22 at 7pm to vote on The Wharf Stage One PUD. The ANC gave conditional approval to the PUD application back in July, but this vote will be done in response to the several concerns they brought to the developers when they went before the Zoning Commission last month.  The August 22 public meeting will be held at 1100 4th Street, 2nd floor.

Feel free to discuss this topic or any other SW-related issue in the comments. Adios!


Steven said...

I was wondering if anyone had any news on what happened 8/7 on 7th Street at the rail overpass. I walked by around dinner time and saw the police arresting someone at the scene of what appeared to be a collision (signs, newspaper boxes, and car parts were strewn about, and a busted BMW sat over the median).

Stacy said...

Any info on the gunshots last night? I called 911 when I heard them and cops were on the scene even before I could describe it. I get the daily 1D digest, so nothing's in it yet. No ambulance came, though, so that seemed promising.

me said...

Would it be possible to limit the number of houirs gambling is allowed? 4 am seems a bit extravagant. And maybe sales of lotery tickets can be Fri-Wednesday, less temptation to spend paychecks on Thursdays (payday?).