Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Photos from Opening Night at Kastles Stadium

Enough said.

Here comes the Kastles! First player up is Arina Rodionova.

Bobby Reynolds

Rennae Stubbs

Leander Paes

Venus Williams

Mayor Gray came to the match.

Oklahoma! star Eleasha Gamble sings the National Anthem.

Kansas City Explorers during the National Anthem.

Washington Kastles during the National Anthem.

Team owner Mark Ein welcomes the crowd to the Kastles' new home at The Wharf.

Team huddle.
Paes serves in the men's doubles match which the Kastles won 5-4 in the tie-break.

A capacity crowd came to see opening night at Kastles Stadium at The Wharf.

Williams practices before the mixed doubles match.

Williams serves during the mixed doubles match, which the Kastles won 5-3.

Reynolds serves during the men's singles match, which the Kastles won 5-1.

Williams returns a serve during the women's singles match against Christina McHale from the Kansas City Explorers, which the Kastles lost in the tie-break 4-5.

The stadium is right next to the waterfront promenade and Gangplank Marina.

Coach Murphy Jensen answers questions after the Kastles win in overtime 21-18.

Venus Williams interview after the team win.

The Kastles prepare to sign autographs for fans 16 and under.

Kasnas City Explorer Ricardo Mello signs a tennis racket for a fan.

Fans line up to receive an autograph.

Slice, one of the team mascots, keeps the young fans entertained.


HRH King Friday XIII, Ret. said...

Could "Slice" look any more hermaphroditic?

runwaysmack said...

1) Great pics Will!

2) Glad to have the Kastles in SW... the filled stadium looks great against the water scene in the back.

3) That cheerleader picture is ripe for thought bubbles. Once again, Will's camera captures awkwardness at it's apex. Title this one as "Patriotism Envy" and file it away with "Asian Guy and Clown have a Moment"....