Sunday, July 24, 2011

Buzzard Point Jail?

Capital Business reports this week that Ward 6 Council member Tommy Wells has proposed a land swap with Akridge - the city would give Akridge land in Hill East where the DC Jail is currently located in exchange for the 9-acre parcel the developer owns in Buzzard Point. This is the same parcel (100 V Street) that is rumored to be the site of a new stadium for DC United. If the land swap were to occur, then the stadium could be built at the old DC Jail site, which is south of RFK Stadium. This idea hasn't gained much traction, though. From the article:
Wells has a lot of convincing to do. Victor Hoskins, D.C. deputy mayor for planning and economic development, said he was aware of Wells’s idea but hadn’t seen any specifics. Matt Klein, president of Akridge, said that “of the half a dozen or a dozen ideas that have been tossed around for Buzzard Point, that is not one of the ones that has been the subject of any kind of substantive discussion.”
However, Council member Wells recently became chair of the Committee on Libraries, Parks, and Recreation, which has oversight of the Office of Planning. OP is intrigued by the land swap idea.  Stay tuned.

Rendering courtesy of Akridge

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