Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Houseboat Tour Planned at the Gangplank Marina

Capitol Hill has its garden tours and Georgetown has its historic homes tour, but here in Southwest, we're going to have a houseboat tour.  On August 13th, the homes at the Gangplank Marina will be open to the public for the first time for a houseboat tour from 10am to 2pm. The event is sponsored by the Gangplank Slipholders Association, which represents the live-aboard community at Gangplank, as well as the Port of Washington Yacht Club.  Advance tickets are $11 per person ($18 on the day of the tour). Proceeds from the admission fee will benefit the Earth Conservation Corps.  According to the press release, there is a special offer from tour operator DC Harbor Cruises, which will offer a package including a 60-minute cruise and Boat-Home Tour ticket for $25 (cruise ticket prices by themselves are usually priced at $30). Available cruise departure times are 12:30pm and 2:00pm. Combination tour and cruise tickets will be $32 on the day of the tour. Tickets can be purchased here. In addition, Cantina Marina will offer a 10% discount to tour goers. More information about the Southwest DC Waterfront Boat-Home Tour can be found by visiting here or sending an email.  

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Tour Jess said...

The tour site had a glitch for a few hours this morning that gave people an error when trying to purchase tickets, so if you were unsuccessful earlier, please try again!