Thursday, April 7, 2011

SW Library to Get Renovated

In Mayor Gray's 2012 budget, there are plans to renovate the Southwest Neighborhood Library, located at 900 Wesley Place.  The $8.8 million renovation project will happen in phases and will be complete by 2017.  Here is a snippet from the budget describing the project:
This project involves a substantial renovation of the building to create a new 21st century state-of-art LEED Silver Rated facility. The scope of work entails providing architectural and engineering services which comprises pre-design, design, preparation of contract documents, commissioning, and planning services to substantially renovate the structure to fully or substantially comply with ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities (September 2002) to include vertical transportation, interior circulation, signage, entrances and exits, walkways, restrooms, alarms, etc. The renovated Southwest Neighborhood Library will reflect the program and goals of the Library and the needs of the District of Columbia residents who use the library. The building will incorporate forward-thinking approaches to urban design, architecture, engineering, and environmental technologies in the public realm. The renovated Southwest Library will be a destination that will attract and support hundreds of users a day, and promote a vibrant, mixed-use neighborhood and active street environment.
The SW Library was originally built in the mid 1960s adjacent to Town Center East Park (which hopes to become a new playground this fall).  Once renovations are complete, the library is expected to last for an additional 30 years. In addition to the planned renovation of the SW Library, a new Adjaye-designed Washington Highlands Library is under construction in Bellevue that will be complete later this year.

The new Washington Highlands Library is under construction along Atlantic Street in Bellevue.

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cristina said...

Didn't the SouthWest Library just get renovated a couple years ago? Well, maybe 5?