Wednesday, March 16, 2011

SW Library Playground Project Well Underway!

The following post was written by Felicia Couts - project manager of the SWLPP:

The Southwest Library Playground Project (SWLPP) is a volunteer-led initiative to build a playground for SW DC children. The playground will be located in the park next to the SW Library at 900 Wesley Place, SW. Design plans include play equipment for children ages 2-12 and preservation of the trees and foliage. The SWLPP is an initiative of the Community Benefits Coordinating Council, a 501(c)(3) organization committed to helping SW and Near SE DC residents.

Community support is vital and several local companies and individuals have made fundraising pledges. Frager’s Hardware, restaurants along the waterfront, including Captain White's Seafood, and local SW residents are all supporting SWLPP.

Councilmember Tommy Wells, ANC members, and the Department of Parks and Recreation are working with SWLPP volunteers to bring the park to life for SW DC children.

Amidon Elementary School students participated in the Draw Your Playground contest to show the SWLPP volunteers what they want in a playground. First place went to Edugwu Agada, second place to Jostin Garcia and third to Vanquisha Smith. A pizza party will be held in March for Eduguu’s class and all three will receive certificates of recognition. Winners were chosen from thirteen finalists and their drawings show the children want playground features like swings, slides, a bike rack and water fountain. All of the drawings are planned for display at the Southwest Arts Festival later this year.

The “Community Build Day” is in late September 2011. The whole community -- children and adults -- is invited to help build the playground. Although there will be professional assistance, volunteers of all skill levels will be valuable to this effort!

We still need your help! Make a secure PayPal donation or send a check at our website. Email us to inquire about volunteering.

Help us bring the children a safe, fun, playground!

Felicia Couts
Project Manager
Facebook: SW Library Playground Project
Twitter: SWLPlayground


Anonymous said...

I would also like to keep as many trees and foliage as possible - that is a great hallmark of Southwest - but I wonder how the lighting will be. One of the things that makes the current park so "scary" is that the trees and foliage make the area dark, and we know from the turtle park (I and 6th) that the streetlights are vandalized and broken. I would think twice about taking my kids there if lights are few.

Anonymous said...

Why are their not local volunteers cleaning up this park like the duck pond? I'd be more likely to donate money if I saw some sweat equity in the project.

SWill said...

Anonymous @ 5:59 - There was a clean-up in the fall and another one is planned for the spring. If you're interested in volunteering for the next clean-up, contact the project director using the contact info in the post.

Felicia - SWLPP said...

Sounds like you might be interested in joining our Design and Build team. We need the communitiy's ideas and suggestions to help our playground stay safe.

There will be plans to improve the lighting. However, the playground will most likely be open daily from from sunrise to sunset (like most in the area). Signage that includes references to when the playground will be "open" will also help us (and the police) to monitor the area and enforce its rules.

We hope to have a more formal Design Day in the coming months with participation of adults and children in the community. Please keep the ideas coming, tell a friend, and consider joining us by emailing:

We appreciate your support!