Saturday, March 19, 2011

SW Ecodistrict Public Comment Forum Created

There was a meeting last month held by the National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC) to discuss the Southwest Ecodistrict Initiative, an area roughly comprised of the Southwest Federal Center west of 4th Street to 12th Street (including L'Enfant Plaza) and south to Banneker Overlook. The two main corridors that will be analyzed in this district is 10th Street (connecting the National Mall to the Southwest Waterfront) and Maryland Avenue (connecting the Capitol and the Jefferson Memorial). The DC Office of Planning will conduct a study of the Maryland Avenue corridor this summer and the NCPC is exploring the feasibility of decking part of the Southeast-Southwest Freeway from just west of 10th Street over to 9th Street. To follow up with the meeting, a lot of information has been posted on the SW Ecodistrict website, including a public comment forum. If you want to comment about the Ecodistrict plan, sign-up to use the forum - the public comment period will end on April 15th.

Rendering courtesy of the National Capital Planning Commission.


Anonymous said...

Would it be possible not just to deck from 10th Street over to 9th Street, but over to 7th Street or even 6th Street as well? I could envision a street in the center of the deck ("F Street") running from 10th Street to 6th Street, accomodating local traffic, with buildings on either side, some of which might involve air rights construction over the Freeway or Frontage Road, or even closing or filling in some or all of Frontage Road.

Bob Craycraft, Executive Director, Waterfront Gateway Neighborhood Association said...

Interested readers might like to be aware of an email I sent following the Feb. 17 public meeting by the NCPC:

From: Bob Craycraft
To: Marcel Acosta

cc: Elizabeth Miller

18 February 2011 09:02
Subject: Feb 17 Public Meeting - well done

Mr. Acosta: My sincere compliments to you and your obviously talented staff on an excellent public meeting last night. Your team is clearly competent for the task ahead, and energized to move forward. As your ANC Commission for the Southwest Ecodistrict, and the "voice" of residents west of Fourth Street SW, I hope you will consider me a resource to help move the project forward when possible. Everyone I know in our neighborhood is very excited about your work.

One request I wanted to raise to build upon my question to Elizabeth last night. It is my understanding of the Millennium Plan that the long-term goals of the Southwest Freeway are to have it decked over. If you are planning to study the impact of decking over the Freeway west of Ninth Street, I wondered if there might be some long-term efficienices in expanding the current study to include the area from Ninth Street east to Fourth Street which is where, I believe, the gradient increases to the point that decking would be infeasible?

Thank you for your consideration of my request. Obviously, decking over the Freeway in our area would be a major factor in reconnecting residential and commercial Southwest, even if decades in the future.

Kind regards,

Bob Craycraft
ANC6D01 Commissioner
Washington, D.C.

Single Member District 6D01 runs from Fourth to 17th Streets, S.W., and from Independence Avenue to the Washington Channel. 6D01 includes the Arena Stage, Southwest Waterfront/Fish Market, Jefferson Middle School, Southwest Duck Pond, the Mandarin Oriental and L'Enfant Plaza Hotels, and the L'Enfant Plaza Metro Station.

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