Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Few Quick Items: On the Ground Floor in SW, Buzzard Point, Circulator Changes, DC CAS Tests, SW Duck Pond

- UrbanTurf writes about the Southwest Waterfront neighborhood's potential to become "the next hot neighborhood" in DC. The article includes a couple quotes from me, so go check it out!

- JDLand reports that the Florida Rock concrete plant across from Nationals Park on Potomac Avenue, SE will be razed, but it will be moved a few blocks away to another Florida Rock Properties-owned site guessed it, Buzzard Point, located at S Street and the Anacostia River.

- DDOT announced that there will be some changes made to DC Circulator routes starting on April 1.  The National Mall loop will be discontinued.  Also, the SW Waterfront-Convention Center route will be changed slightly in Southwest.  The route will run along Maine Avenue instead of Water Street to accommodate construction of the new Kastles Stadium at The Wharf, which should be complete by early July.  However, it is recommended in a new Transit Development Plan for the Circulator to suspend the SW Waterfront-Convention Center route until development at The Wharf and O Street Market in Shaw are further along.  This route is one of the most subsidized out of the six Circulator routes because of low ridership. Another recommendation is to create a new route, from Dupont Circle down to the Mall area, running along Maine Avenue to the Navy Yard.  This new route would most likely be introduced within the next couple of years.  DDOT will host a meeting tomorrow at the Capital Hilton, located at 16th & K Street, NW from 6-9pm where the public can comment about the proposed changes to Circulator routes.  Comments can also be made online.

- Volunteers are needed next week to help monitor students at Jefferson Middle School as they take their DC CAS tests.  Monitors will sit in the classrooms with teachers.  The tests will take place from 9am - 11am Tuesday - Friday.  If anyone is interested to volunteer for any of those days, contact Ms. Nedra Jones at Jefferson Middle School at 729-3270, or

- Ward 6 Council member Tommy Wells introduced legislation yesterday to change the name of the park at the corner of 6th & I Street to the "Southwest Duck Pond."  Monthly clean-ups have been done by the Neighbors of Southwest Duck Pond group at the park since last year and they have made great progress towards rehabbing the neglected park.  There will be a press event on Saturday at 12:30pm to activate the fountains for the season at the park, announce the Volunteer of the Year for 2010, as well as an announcement about the future of the park.  Council member Wells is expected to attend.

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Neighbors of Southwest Duck Pond said...

Congratulations to Susan Yount of Town Square Towers as the 2010 Volunteer of the Year at the Southwest Duck Pond. Susan was one of the founders of the group, donated nerly 40 hours of time to cleaning the park, is on the 2011 planning team, and has volunteered to be the community's point person working with the District for better mosquito control at the pond for the 2011 season.