Monday, March 28, 2011

Change in Comments Policy

I have hinted previously that I may change the comments policy due to the excessive amount of "Anonymous" comments on the blog.  As an interim measure while I research ways to possibly upgrade the blog, I've changed the settings for making comments, so only registered users can make comments (using Google, OpenID, LiveJournal, WordPress, TypePad, or AOL). I encourage you all to continue to make comments on any posts - there have been some lively debates lately on a variety of topics.  My goal with this new policy is not to censor comments.  Open discussion posts will also be introduced soon and used from time to time (especially when I get bogged down with other tasks that keep me from doing new posts on a regular basis).  However, I think the discussion will be more productive if the comments are not anonymous.  Thanks for your cooperation.


Critically Urban said...

I think that's a perfectly reasonable response. Allowing anonymous contributors may seem like a great way to boost responses, but many people abuse the right.

Unknown said...

I agree.