Sunday, December 19, 2010

Editor of The Southwester Resigns

On Friday, Glenn Favreau, editor of The Southwester, announced his resignation. Below is an email he sent making the announcement:

My dear friends,

It is with great sadness that I communicate to you all my official resignation as editor of The Southwester.

I would like you all to understand that this decision did not come easily to me, and is greatly due to two situations:

1. The lack of support by community leaders on the SWNA board and the ANC when recent statements were made against me personally. These leaders decided that they would absolve themselves out of fear I suppose. Subsequently, their option was not for me, but for some odd status quo of allowing such public attacks to take place. The person making the statements was Gene Solon. He made them in public at the ANC meeting where he was allowed to do so, and he subsequently made even more remarks by email to the SWNA board with no repercussions from them. My disappointment is not due to some misguided person making remarks about me, but the total lack of support from community leaders.

2. When I took over the editorship of the paper in April, 2009, I did so with the understanding that I was not going to manage the business end of the paper. To this day, the paper takes in and spends somewhere near $3,500 per month with no business manager (no one to handle ads), no business plan, and no budget, despite my constant requests to remedy the situation. It is part of an organization (SWNA) which has refused to be audited, again despite my repeated requests. This situation is no longer tolerable for me.

I did not work on the paper in order to receive words of appreciation. Although these words help, real support comes in the form of real actions by responsible leaders.

I thank you all for your collaboration for the good of the community. I have always been proud of the group of volunteers who worked on the paper for the good of others and not for personal gain.

Glenn Favreau


Anonymous said...

I have the unfortunate experience of living in the same complex as Gene Solon. It's sad that a know-nothing, blow-hard can have such a negative impact. I don't think anyone in my complex takes his opinions seriously and I suggest others in the community choose to ignore him, as well.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's easy to ignore him - especially on a Message Board - but what Gene Solon did at the ANC meeting while others turned the other cheek was inexcusable.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I was at several ANC meetings where Gene spoke disparagingly about Glenn, and cannot understand why he was not censured. To me, the lack of censure implied concurrence. This is a sad loss for the community.

Anonymous said...

Glenn did a great job with the newspaper and was a real advocate for Southwest. The Southwest community is unlikely to find another person like him who is a good writer, passionate about advocating for Southwest, comprehensive in reporting, and willing to work 40+ hours a month for free. I am sorry to see Glenn go.